How do you make a sound player with seek bar?

Hello everyone

How to make sound player with seek bar

I tried taifun_player extension actually it's good but i couldn't make that slider seek bar to play at certain position , when i use play at position function it doesn't work fine , any other solution for this problem

thank you all

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i use slidertools extension + TaifunPlayer extension.

Something like this?

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This seems to work OK, might be a little rough around the edges, and I haven't formatted the duration/current position so still in milliseconds. Clock is set to 1000ms. Requires user to lift off the slider button.

(updated to get the slider moving with the music....)

Credits @Taifun and @Ken for their extensions :+1:

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I will check that many thanks i guess it's what i'm looking for

only [ simple seeking sliding bar ]

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is there an app inventor version of it or only kodular ?

Thank you @TIMAI2

but there's two minor problems

the first one when the track is completed it plays a little bit of the start then pauses

the second one , how can i convert the track duration into a label i tried dividing the duration on 1000 , sometimes even 6000 but it didn't work fine

I appreciate your help in that.

My mp3 tracks usually have a small silence at the beginning so I do not usually get this. You could try:


You can do something like this to return minutes and seconds of the current position (you could also use this for the duration)



Thank you so much i'll give it a try.

I tried same 2 problems specially the first one that after completion it plays little bit like 1 second then pauses.

as for the timer1 clock i made it 1000 timerinterval

here's the project file it's already published from @Taifun

but I just wanted to add these two additional things , the fix of after completing the track + the track time in label 5 , ( number of seconds played / total length of track )

I hope you can help me in that.

thank you all.

player2.aia (84.1 KB)

Try this, your volume settings work for me with when Completed.

player2revised.aia (81.8 KB)

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Thank you so much @TIMAI2 , yes now it works fine it seems when timer block in my version isn't optimized well.

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