How do you make a scratch card?

How to do a user can scratch only 10 cards in 24 hrs otherwise show error

Did you try a community search ?

yes i do but i want to do like in 24 hrs only 10 scratch user can do

Get the time/day (using a clock component) when the user starts their first scratch card.
For each subsequent scratch card check the start time against the first time, and record the number of scratch cards attempted.
When the user starts scratch card 11 (using the above tests) then advise that scratching for today is over.
Reset the counters/timers if day is different from the first time recorded
You will need to use a tinydb to save persistent data

can you share me blocks for this

I don't have any blocks for this.

set global OneDayAgoMS to Clock1.SystemTime - (number of milliseconds in a day)
set TinyDB NameSpace to 'UsageLog'
set global OneDayOfUsageList to Get TagList from TinyDB
while AND(length of list(OneDayOfUsageList) > 0),
                  (select item 1 of list OneDayOfUsageList) < OneDayAgoMS )
   clear tag    (select item 1 of list OneDayOfUsageList) from TinyDB
   set global OneDayOfUsageList to Get TagList from TinyDB
end while
if length of list(OneDayOfUsageList) < 10 then
   store Clock1.SystemTime in TinyDB under tag Clock1.SystemTime
   allow another game
   announce limit reached for last 24 hours.