How do you make a list selector or text box remember its content when I switch between screens?

I tried with tinydb but it only stores 1 value under a tag

Store a list of values to the tinyDB

You can also store a list under a tag. What exactly are you trying to achieve ?

I'm trying to do a shopping list with ml4k, the first screen is where I add the items, the second screen is where I have the lists separated between categories (fruits, vegetables, etc)

Can that be done without variables?

Yes....just store the data in the tag instead

What I'm trying to do is a shopping list with 2 screens, the first screen where you add items to your shopping list on the second screen, but when I use tinydb, I add 1 item to my list, swap screens to see my list and then swap to the other screen to add more items but when I add another item it gets replaced instead. If that cannot be done I will use 1 screen instead of 2. Thanks for replying

Since it is get overridden with the new one, so you need to memorize the old items added earlier. Something done to achive similar job.

Will this work between 2 screens?

Yes, it will work, but you need to adapt it according to your requirement.

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