How do you Make a Daily Reminder until an entry in a notifier?

Hi, I am here wondering if there is a way that in a notifier I would be able to take one of the user’s entries and set it so that in the notifier there will also be how much time is left until the closest day. Right now it is a button so that when you click it, it will pop up with a notifier that says “There are ___ days until game” and I want to be able to fill it in with the closest date. Is that possible, if so what does the code look like?

How do you know what are the game days?

The user put in an entry that had dates from a spinner (list) and then now we just need to countdown from it

Still not sure how many dates you are dealing with.

Anyway, the Clock component from the Sensors drawer has blocks to convert dates between various formats and to do math on them.