How do you make a condition that checks if a text input contains a number less or equal than 9?

How to make a condition that checks if a text input contains a number less or equal than 9.


Need more specific.

Will user input only numbers or alphanumeric ?

If he enter only numbers, then try this logic (try and logic because two conditions it must satisfy)

If Is number textbox text and
textbox text less than or equal to 9
Then ....
Else ....

If user enter alphanumeric then try regex pattern to filter the number part alone then check it with number 9

Use this extension by @Taifun, with the AfterTextChanged event.

It's alphanumeric (letters and numbers). I am trying to make a password condition.

Do you want to check whether the password contain numbers, upcase letter, lower case leter and a special key exist or not with minimum 8 characters?? I have an extension for that but it will not check whether the used number is less than 9 or greater than 9 , it will check whether it satisfy 4 rules are not

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Yes please

Try this extension..

I have created this extension with niotron ide

PasswordChecker(1).aix (6.2 KB)

test this extension. You can use it along with tainfun textbox extension..

you can use with if then else.. If it contain false, then the password doesnot met the requirement.. If it met then it will return true. So very simple to use either with @Taifun textbox extension or with an button click.. after entering password and user press enter it will alert true or false

Got it?

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This is my code:

I know that I am doing something wrong but I don't know what.

dont use false, use contains text false

If it contains false
then show alert
else it is accepted or password is in correct format
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Oh sounds different.. let me check it.. BTW you pls test like this. Thank you @Anke

Sorry anke.. I design to check the String type only


so pls test with string input instead of maths input


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Thank you so much, it worked!

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Thanks, it worked!

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