How do you make a "change font size button"?

I'm trying to make a button that takes all the labels I have and have it change their font size, but when I look up how, nothing shows up, can this be done.

Post a screenshot of your blocks. What have you tried so far ? A very simple example is

I just talked to my teacher, turns out it was super simple, but here

He said just add"set font to" blocks,but is their an easier way?

nvm, just saw your thing

It worked, thank you.

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Now how do I mark this resolved, I'm new here

Press 3 dots below post to show you more options. Then you will be able to see mark as solution


thanks, see ya

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For learning purposes when you use for each number from 1 to .. you must provide a number so you have to use lenght of list

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oh, ok, thx, also, for some reason, I can't see the three dots thing that you showed me, so maybe I'll just put a "IT'S RESOLVED" thing or something?

nvm, found it

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