How do you make a button call a sound?

I would like to know if any one knows how to make a button call a sound file that is inside of a procedure. I am trying to make a Yahtzee game and want a ROLL button to play a dice sound when clicked and I can't seem to get it to work. Can anyone help?

Please show your relevant blocks

You requirement is quite straightforward....

In the button click event, set the source for your sound in sound component or player, then call the sound component or player to start.

These are what I'm using but I can't think how to put the call block in the button selector. Also Is there a way to make the do procedure block work instead?

For example ?



How did you get the set Sound1 block?

Drag the sound component out onto the designer screen
Then use the blocks provided

Note: a sound component will only play @4-5 second files

Thank You!

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No need to start with two slashes: //


This is only needed for the File component, if the FileScope is set to Legacy and you want to access a file from the assets. There is no other component that uses (needs) it.

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