How do you load from received SMS pin verification to my application?


I have an application dedicated only to specific phone number users. When using this application, you must enter the pin code received by SMS each time. Is it possible for the application to load the code itself from the received SMS so that you do not have to rewrite this code?

The following is from the documentation Texting.

When a message arrives, the MessageReceived event is raised and provides the sending number and message.

You might be able to use that to retrieve the pin code you sent.

Try it and let us know if it works for your purposes.



Event that’s raised when a text message is received by the phone. Using this block will add dangerous permissions that will require additional approval if your app is submitted to the Google Play Store.

Thank you, it works. I will only add that with Texting you should turn ReceivingEnabled on Foreground.

By the way, I have an additional question - is it possible to programmatically enter text in Notifier/ShowTextDialog and click ok?

I don't think so. Instead use the Notifier ShowChooseDialog

In Notifier


Shows a dialog box with two buttons, from which the user can choose. If cancelable is true there will be an additional CANCEL button. Pressing a button will raise the AfterChoosing event. The “choice” parameter to AfterChoosing will be the text on the button that was pressed, or “Cancel” if the CANCEL button was pressed. If canceled, the TextInputCanceled event will also run.

So, experiment

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