How do you list images in appInventor?

How to list images in Inventor app? Hi. I want to create a program where we can send pictures to each other.
But I do not know how to list the images that are selected.
please help.

Please provide more details on what you want to achieve, where are the images you want to list, how do you want to display the list, how do you want to select the images either before you list them or after you have the list?

This was helpful. Please guide me further with the blocks.

I want to write a program in which the user selects a photo from the gallery and after clicking the send button, the photo will be sent and will be visible to others.

You can use the image picker component to select an image from the gallery, then use the sharing/web components to share your image with others

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Where are the components of web sharing?

sharing component is in Social, Web component is in Connectivity

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Please help more

What help do you need ?

an axample