How do you launch an app, close it and then come back to mine?

Hello everyone,
I'd like to run my app in kiosk mode and have a button in my app with which launching an other app (let's call it app#2) not written by me. I would like to let run the app#2 for some specified time and then close it and come back to mine. Is it possible? By searching for an answer I have learnt to start an other app using TaifunPM1 extension, so I can start the app#2 now but no idea how I can close it and come back to mine.
Thanks a lot

You could try to call this extension from the background

(found in the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps)


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But the app is for killing background running app, while I need to kill a foreground app from a background app... do you thinnk it can work also in this way?

I do not know, you have to try it...

Using the Activity Starter Component ?

Did you tried this extention for killing foreground app ? does it works ?