How do you judge an app in Appathon?

When I prepare the presentation for my sharing session, I found that the first place app can't run well. I wonder whether the judges test or run a participating app when they judged. Were they only judge an app by reading the words and watching the video?

MarsMellow.pdf (110.7 KB)

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This is from the FAQ:

Judges will import your projects into App Inventor to evaluate and test them.

What is not running well? How are you testing?
Can you show where you found the aia to the project?

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I download the project from People‘s Choice page. When the app enter the Map Screen, it shows en error dialog.

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Seems like they've used "0" as a list index; App Inventor list indices start at 1 (I've done that before as well).

An error in the First Place app is not a technical problem.


From Lost_n_Found, The First Place of Youth Team Track, when click Generate QR-Code Tag button.

Even though, I will go on prepare my presentation for my third sharing session.

This is a bug on the inventor nb187 app side. Spaces in file paths cause an error.

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How to test this App with flash screen every 3 seconds?

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