How do you input a text (value) into AppInventor Webview elements?

Hi! Help me to input a text (value) into AppInventor Webview elements.
Sample code is:
login = document.getElementById("login");
login.Value = "mylogin";
passw = document.getElementsByName("passw");
passw[0].Value = "mypass";
It works in other projects, but there I don't know how. How to make it in AppInventor? I cannot to find similar answers.


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or [WebViewer.]:

Thank you. It is what I need!

How do you click a child element in WebViewer?

Hi! Can you help me? How to click a child element in WebViewer?
Sample working code is:
FormContainer = document.getElementsByClassName("form-container")[0].children;
Children = FormContainer[0].children;
Procedure in AppInventor:
javascript:(function() {document.getElementsByClassName('form-container')[0].children[0].children[13].click();})() doesn't work. How to do?
In browser it has such look:

Use the same method as above....

But, it doesn't work this time. I think I have wrong syntaxis.

This should do it:




Thank you, it works. My variant too, both variants work, but after loading page it is necessary to wait some seconds.

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