How do you have a fixed length text box?

Is there a way to have a fixed-length text box so I can put the ST and Zip Code on one line?

Thanks again and trying to learn this again.


That's not going to stop it the user from entering more than 2 characters, neither will it actually be called, since you can't know when the TextBox's text changes.

Instead, OP should use the Taifun Textbox extension, and set up a textbox listener. The .aix download link(s) and documentation for the extension can be found here.

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Depends on what you mean by fixed-length

. You can use the TextBoxes inside a Horizontal layouts and set the Width of the TextBox something like this.

This is actually what I want to do.


This along with the other recommendation looks like it is what I want.

Do as @NishyanthKumar suggested using Taifun's text extension and then do the following

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You are denying yourself the chance to use list pickers for the state and zip code.
There are downloadable tables of states and their zip codes you could load from Media files.
Once the state has been chosen, that can be used to restrict the choices of zip code to those that are in that state.
If the zip code is chosen first, that could set the state by lookup in such a table.


I think you misunderstood your post did not solve his problem, @SteveJG 's post did.

That is for @jray8242 to decide I think, @Aarush_Kumar . In any event it appears it is solved. He did say "along with other suggestions"? A text box of fixed width is not the whole answer to me. My solution was to actually make it fixed length as he asked.

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His question clearly said he wanted a fixed length text box not a fixed length text in textbox and now i think we are going off-topic

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