How do you go to next textbox?

how to go to next textbox when i hit enter app inventor

Hello Mr Hatem, welcome to the forum.

You can use:


.. and to encourage the User to use the TextBox, temporarily change it's backcolor.

To know the current TextBox has 'finished' when 'return' is tapped, you need an extension:

Alternatively, use a submit button for the current TextBox.

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can u tell me how to use it with a blocks ?
when textbox1 finished i need to go textbox2

Hi again

Actually, very difficult to tell you, but this example file will show you (run in Companion or make an APK):

FromTextBoxToTextBox.aia (3.2 KB)

Click image to see it full-size

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my solution with no extensions:
each textbox have a relavant button.
When the Textbox got fucus, the relavant button will show up.
textbox_focus.aia (3.5 KB)

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This extension also allows you to set the keyboard button to Next/Go/Done.


thank u very much , realy u help me alot

Also you can try @Taifun keyboard extension method too (enter pressed event)

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