How do you go through many buttons one by one?

I want to create a game for children for learning letters. In a grid, they are supposed to find a particular letter and click on it. This letter would appear several times in that grid. A certain minimum number of buttons has to be there to make the grid not too simple. For now, I decided on 8x7, so 56 buttons.

Is there a loop or so that I can use to go through all buttons? Or do I have to create 56 functions for filling the buttons with random letters and another 56 for when they are clicked, and so on? I know there is an AnyButton function, but I never used that before. Would that one be helpful?

Yes, that is just what the anyComponent blocks are for :slight_smile:
You will have to make a list of all the button component blocks
You will probably need to use for each loops and if/else statements as well

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Here are a few button grid project samples to read, if you need help in your button wrangling ...