How do you get value from Firebase?

I want to create a medical app where the user will first sign up and followed by login. After login, it will bring the user to the following page to fill in medical history. However, if this is their second time login, they'll be navigate to different page instead. How do i make it so that "if there is information stored in global systolic, then redirect to VerticalArrangement4 else VerticalArrangement2.. I think my global systolic is wrong, but i have no idea how.

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Can someone please help? bump

Sorry but your images are illegible Jay.

You have to read the Tag of the person first.

Perhaps after you read the List of the person then chenck if systolic rate i in your List is a number VerticalArrangement2 else VerticalArrangement4.visible = true.

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You do not appear to be applying any secure rules to your data in the realtime database, for personal medical history this is a must! You can use Firebase Authentication and Secure Rules to help you with this.

Sorry, how do i actually read the tag of that particular person? If global user is my tag, and I want to read the value inside global systolic for person A.

OK.. I will do it after completing this.. Thanks.