How do you get notified when username not found?

Hello, i'm quite new with MIT App Inventor and start getting stuck when creating my app.

So my problem is i had created my login form and all things works how it supposed to be, but there is a feature that i would like to add is the username not found notifier message. As you can see i've already made it, but it didn't work, so i hope you can give me some suggestion.

Ps: Sorry about my grammar. I'm still learning english.

Your problem is here:


tag is probably not a list

You should do this test first (does tag exist) before testing the tag/password against textboxes

Oke, i'll try it

how this is working?

Tag mean it will contain either user name or password but how do you compare both the tag ? If so, then true function will never get execute untill you have username and password as same
Like ABC001 is user ame aswellas password

Oke, thank you for the tips