How do you get Item and price value by using AutoCompleteBox extention

When I select order item(in my case ROSE) I would like to see also Sell Price

Here is my block:

That was very simple one. While calling just call text box col and price col by using gviz method and show the first value only in text box

After the autocomolet text box got selection just use , get the index of the selected item with textbox list and by using this index get the price amount for the selected item form the autocomplete and show it in required component,

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Here is Result after using gviz

but how to remove title?
and how to put each values on specific textbox

Here is my BLOCK:

NOW result:



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Thank you so much dora_paz and Spicy_Topics

NOW It's wokring


Good work, but do not try to look after button press..

Get required col values via gviz method, put it in variable.

Upon selecting the autocomplete value just use the teachinqe or suggestion added in previous post. So it will work in no time or else user have to wait till web got text

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When you select Product it will take directly without clicking any button Product Price value and Credit

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