How do you get images from a spreadsheet and display them in MIT App Inventor?

If I understand well, the gsheet works as a list, the images must also be present on gdrive

You understand well.

What is &gid=.... ?

It is the grid ID or sheet number (as opposed to sheet name)

The first sheet, Sheet1, is usually gid = 0 (zero), and is called by default if no other gid is requested and it is the first sheet from the left.

Thanks TIM, your blocks runs well

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HI my companion app just closes down when i run the code and my tablet says that the app has a bug
Screenshot 2023-01-23 192123

What is the content of cell A1 / output ?

If it is the image in a cell, then you do not appear to have followed anything I have previously presented

Sorry for the confusion, in the cell i have the file id, but it appears that I have typed in the url wrong that caused the error thank you TIMAI2 for your help and patience

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