How do you get clock interval to go faster?

I am making an app where photos flash on the screen. I have it so when you push the button it stops on an image. My problem is the images flash on the screen too slowly. Is there a way to speed it up and if so, how?

Perhaps. This depends on how you use the Timer Block in your app. The frequency of firing this Block is set by default to 1000 ms (1 second). So set TimerInterval to a value smaller to decrease the time an image stays visible. What might work ? It depends on the images you are loading; larger images take longer to load than small images. Try reducing the present TimerInterval by half. If that works, smile. If it does not, try a smaller value until you get it right.

Hello Rick

  1. Ensure the photo dimensions fit the screen without the App/Device needing to scale them.

  2. Ensure they are 100% uncompressed so that the App does not need to decompress them.

  3. Ensure they are 24bit colour (32bit is not necessary for photographs on a small device unless transparency is required). If they are images (not photographs), the number of colours could be reduced further, see (free) IrfanView.

  4. Image type - convert the images to WebP - these images have the quality of png but display faster (developed for websites so they would load faster).