How do you get a list of sub-tags inside other tags in Firebase?


Well, I would like that when initializing the application, the inventor app would get the list of tags in date format (example: 10-11-2023), then get another list of sub-tags within this main tag, and then present the subtags along with their respective values in the DetailText of a listView and the main tags (date format) in the MainText. I've been trying to do this for approximately 4 days, but I haven't achieved the desired result.


See here for an example:

I can't read your non-English images, but I get the impression you put all your work into dressing up the UI and none into developing a workable data structure.

You put lipstick on an amoeba.


If I use a dictionary, automatically I create a Json File?

The data comes back from firebase in json format and is a dictionary in AI2.

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