How do you Generate Tone with fade out volume?

Hi All

I am using KIO4_TONE extension to generate musical tone in my app.
Is there any way to FADE OUT the generated tone in the app?
FADE OUT means: the sound volume is gradually decreased to zero

Are you have any suggestion?
Thank you

You would have to reduce the device volume to achieve this. Or you could 'possibly' generate a special tone that fades out, with the maths that is used to create a tone. Beyond my skill level, this one.

When I increase or decrease device volume, Is UI show a slider which disappear after few seconds? I dont would like to show it

Perhaps this?

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By using this extension, the "change volume" slider will be appear.
I used " com.extension.Sound.xoma.aix" extension, this is better for my reason

Please remove the download link. Only the extension developer is allowed to post the direct download link. Refer to the extension as the topic, not the direct download link.

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