How do you Filter Data in List View?

Hi, I am working on fire extinguisher system. I use CRUD example by TMA. However I want to add filter by scanning text. I already manage to filter, however, it still appear blank for those unrelevant values and as if, I still to scroll down to search for the matched text. How do I solve this. Anyone can help me?. Thank you in advance.

You used the wrong type of IF block.

This goes inside your FOR EACH loop.

The ADD ITEM TO LIST block goes in here.

The item you add would be your big JOIN.

Thank you Sir, Can you help me how do I get value at index 7 in the Data list. I do not how to write the code at the if statement.

P.S. These blocks can be dragged directly into your Blocks Editor workspace.

Dragging blocks

This is how to do it using advanced list blocks:

P.S. you don't want to remove the first item of the list after filtering it. It's not a heading any more.

i already tried, but I get message "The list cannot be empty". Where did go wrong?

Thank you.. Sir. I got it.