How do you fetch coordinates from mysql server to navigation component?

Hi all,
I have been working on an application for the last few months. The app is based on a navigation system where I am trying to fetch the coordinates from my server (MySQL). I am trying to pass those coords to navigation system and then make the directions request. But when ever I am trying to fetch the data using web response I am getting string value but the navigation component requires int values. I can not typecast the data. In short I am unable to fetch the data. I'll try to attach the code for better understanding. Your help would be really appreciated.

Multiply value with 1 and see if it works for you


This is my first encounter with the Navigation component, so I am woring from the docs at

I don't see any place in the docs for the Navigation component where it says that it can accept a Marker component as a start or end of a route.

However, I see you already have disabled code that would have used numeric lat and long values for that.

What was wrong with those?

Did you lack if/then protection against empty values from timing issues with being early before the Web component could return lat and long values?

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It worked for me, thanks a lot for your time.

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