How do you extract the length of traditional Chinese?

Hello, I am very happy to use such a good product, but I encountered a problem today. I tried to write a word game program, but I couldn't extract the length of traditional Chinese.However, when I converted the string to English, the length of the string was successfully extracted, so I confirm that it is not my program's problem. Is there any way for me to solve it?

If you use the split at '' block, how long is the resulting list?

Splitting at an empty text gives interesting results in different languages.

Using Google translate I have made this little app to see if it can count Chinese and Pinyin symbols.

borrar_zh.aia (2.1 KB)

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I am very grateful for the APP you provided, which made me discover that each Chinese character actually occupies 3 characters in the program .After I adjusted the numbers to extract the characters, my Chinese new word game can finally run smoothly and successfully, thank you!! :smiley:

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