How do you ensure google sheet receive data?

My app is to send data to google sheet through google form. Occassionally the data can't send to google sheet. Maybe the wifi is not stable. I want to know how I can detect whether the form successfully receive the data or not. Then I can re-send the data if the google form can't receive them. Thanks.

If it is your network connection, then test for that before sending.

Alternatively, send a get request to your google sheet to return the last row, if this matches the data you just sent, then all is well.

Thanks! Since I am a beginner, I don't know how to detect the network connection is good or not using MIT app. Or how to send a get reqest of the last row number. Anyway I will try to work around.

For more samples on Google Sheets, see

This extension can test for wifi or data connection

A gviz query can return the data you last sent if you query a unique value in that data

Thanks ABG! I used Spreadsheet component to solve my problem.