How do you draw triangular function diagrams?

Hello People of the community of MIT App Inventor.
I am looking for help.
I need to make an app to view Triangular Diagrams. (plot inside the triangle).
I have seen x/y diagrams, bars and circular, but not Triangular (the center is the 100% and the vertices are 0, in the middle are a part of 3 portions of a 100%
(example a=10 b=20 and c=70... will have more of C, and less of a and b).
Any idea how to search where i can find an extension or how to code it?
I am not programmer and i need help to make an app for Geology (i use the diagrams for make proportions of a chemical in minerals).
It's for educational purpose.

Is for do graphics like this.

diagrama ternario

My thanks for any help you can provide me.

Sorry I don't understand, what's your question?

See here

Also, this builds a basic 10 row triangle diagram

triangleDiagram.aia (3.2 KB)



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TIMAI2. Thank you very much for your comment.
Point me in the right direction. Maybe is not the total solution, but is the way i must follow to solve my project.
Thanks again!