How do you display just string on this label, and to make it show multiple entries in order (not just last entered)

Assignment_2.aia (4.4 KB)

I would like to store string on page one then recall in order showing just data on page two. thanks

in screen1, you saved data to 2 fixed tag, that means you can only save 2 data set, every time you save, the new data will overwrite the old one.
to fix this, you can use the date as tag, the notes as value to store.

in screen2, in the for loop, you need to set label.text to JOIN (label.text, '\n', tinydb.getValue(item,''))

Thanks Kevin, how would that look? how do I display more than one result without the {''date'',''details''} showing?

This works better using a Date Picker for the tags, one tag/value per date.

Use a separate TinyDB NameSpace to keep just the trail log, separate from whatever cruft the Companion accumulates in TinyDB.

Assignment_2 (1).aia (4.4 KB)

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