How do you display image instead text .showAlertNotice

I would like to display image instead (Notifier1.showAlertNotice )?

Like this:

^^^ That is the easy way :wink:

The hard way would be to use something like:


to overlay an image or button with an image, using a clock to set visibility.




See how to use with images in assets

hi @dora_paz
I would like something like this

after getting notifier there is no button that's what I want and it's disappering after some seconds

Is there similar extentions?

Any extension loading an image will require a valid path to that image. Some may require a full path, others a relative path. Just read their instructions.....

It might be that you want a dialog extension, then you can display anything you want in the dialog.

You could have the image in a fixed place on your Gui. Then your code simply displays/hides as required. Advantage is you can set different images too - like one for OK (tick) and one for not OK (cross). The image can be set right next to a TextBox for example. You can also play a sound. The sounds in this example are free to use, including commercially, but the supplier must be credited in the App where the App User can see it (I usually have a dedicated screen for credits).
ImageAlert.aia (78.6 KB)

Also there is

Thank you so much!

I just used this simple Extention
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Please do not upload an extension unless you are the developer. Always post a link to developer's topic, post or site


Ooo ok, sorry @dora_paz

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