How do you dismiss a clock using mit app inventor for free?

hi guys i am trying to build Alarm clock app and i am using the default clock to set Alarm

can you pls suggest a way to this?

thanks in advance

This community discussion talks about something similar. You couldd try something similar.
Alarm Clock can not work There is an aia you might try (be careful, there are several aia versions in the discussion).

thanks but i need an code which can dismiss the alarm i set using the extension

and that extension is ?

Have you asked the extension developer for a method that dismisses an alarm ?


not yet

Taifun answers your question in the Q&A for the extension (Q3)

but that does not work

Show your blocks, and what happens when you try to dismiss an alarm.

Also, what is your Android version?


when i try to dismiss the alarm it takes me too the default clock app

i am using android 13

and there you should be able to dismiss the alarm....

no but then i could just use my default clock app i wanted to cutomise my routine app

If you are able to find an answer to this question

then I can look into providing a method to cancel an alarm