How do you determine the weekday from a datepicker?

Hi all. I need to choose a date from a DatePicker component and put in another field its weekday. How to do it?

what did you mean? did you mean this?
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Hi @Arman ,

No, I mean when the user clicks in some date, it takes the weekday like "Tuesday". So I need to put this weekday in a field.

The Clock component has all the date conversion blocks.

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you can replace "after date set" block with anything...

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Great, @Arman and @ABG!!!! That's what I need!!!

Thank you!!!

Fantastic, @TIMAI2 !!! Thank you for this approach!!

this gives you the weekday of today, but not of the day which was picked using the datepicker...

EDIT: also the pattern you are using looks very strange...

I will therefore move the correct solution to @TIMAI2 example


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