How do you detect activity on ListView ( others than 'AfterPicking' )?

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I'm showing a list that are refreshed each 30s with an up-to-date data set.
However, depending on specific circumstances, the amount of entries may ome too big, and the user need to read the list too fast.

Unfortunatelly, the only event available on this Component is the 'AfterPicking', but I wanted to detect any event there, such as 'scrolling' the list.

One could suggest to just define a timeout proportional to the amount of data, but I wanted to detect the user activity on the screen.

Is there any clever way to do that ?

You could make your own ListView, as in

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There are scroll handler and recycler list extensions that may help you, though it is not entirely clear what your issue is.


@ABG ,

Thank you a lot for the tip, seems promising this approach, but I could see there only the btnUp and btnDown event, which sound as only 'clicking' events are sensed, instead of 'dragging' events.

With the current approach ( ListView ), we are able to chose the 'scrolling speed' depending on how fast we slip the finger on the screen upward/downward.


Thank you, I will make a search on the scroll handler extensions, as you suggested ( btw, I thought there would have some 'Activity Starter' option to achieve the feature ). Perhaps the issue was not too clear for you because I did not mentioned that the whole list is sometimes dozens times the height of the screen itself, and the current list is periodically updated even when the user is calmly browsing its content, and after each update, the list 'pointer' returns to the beginning, having them to navigate again to the middle of the list.


you can use this extension:

You have a "Position" block which will give you the scroll position and then use the block "JumpTo(position)" to back to the same item.

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Just a thought, do items "further down the list" ever change or get updated? If not you could run a list of latest 25 items and a second list of older items ?

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The dragging events are further down in my post:


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