How do you customize the ASD path?

Hi everyone,

I use this blocks to get the ASD path in my app:

When I install my apk in my phone, it creates the following path:


The "username" is the username of the e-mail address of my MIT App Inventor account.

I would like to replace the "username" with a custom string. How could I do this?

Thanks in advance for your answers. Kind regards.

Why would you do that - it probably just won't work?

This wouldn't make any sense at all. So we don't even have to wait for your answer why you want to do it.

It is just because I could share my app with some friends, and I would prefer to show a kind of "author" in the path, instead of the username of my e-mail address, which has no identity or meaning.

For me, it is like a little "care", or an attention to detail, if you want.

Then you have to change the packageName, which is not (yet) possible with AI2. So you have to do it afterwards.

It is a pity, but... Ok! Thank you very much.