How do you create splash screen like this in AI2?

can anyone help or tell me if it is possible to create a splash screen like this even if from an external method or tool that can edit an APK file I want splash screen to open immediately after the app starts I don't want it to start as a white screen

Example of a splash screen

I don't want this type of splash screen I want the type that opens like zooming the app icon you can see the video below to understand what I mean

this method is available in Kodular but I want to create this here in AI2

It is not a splash screen you want, but an (zoom) animation for app opening. Can you edit your subject ?

Hello Black_Knight

You can DIY the effects you want. Basic examples:

Ok that's very useful but this is not what i want the difference between your examples and what I want is the splash opens immediately after I click the app icon but in your examples the app starts first with a White screen then enter the Screen 1
This feature is available in kodular that you can upload splash image and behave like this you can see the videos above to understand what I mean

How is it done in Kodular ?

Why not use Kodular if that feature is there ?

In Kodular it is part of the project settings.

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That's just part of the animation.

kodular is paid for big projects but AI2 is free

yes, I know that but I want to know how to do this here in AI2

this part can be filled with a splash screen image after the app starts

This method is not (it appears) in the AI2 sources. Your choices are to either write an extension that provides this behaviour, or to a) submit a pull request to MIT for inclusion, b) download the AI2 sources and modify to allow this behaviour, or accept that Kodular is the route to follow, nothing in life is free...

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ok, thanks, but there is too one thing that prevents me to creating with kodular
is their companion takes a long time to start on my phone I don't know why although I have already installed the last version from google play.
but thanks man :blush:

I don't think that would work in an extension. Aren't extensions starting after screen initialize? The splash screen works before that I think.

splash screen need to modify the manifest.xml, an extension maybe can not do that.

It can be done in App Inventor Code Blocks - I have given examples to demonstrate - it just needs a bit of work by Black Night to code it exactly as he wants it to happen.

An idea like this: Why not create an animation (with which software? Blender?) make a video of it, and load/play the video at the initialization of MIT?

I agree with you but I already tried to modify the APK file after exporting it, I used APK editor studio but it doesn't work,
so if you have any idea about it you can help me with this issue

your examples are useful but all of them work after the Screen 1 initialize
I want the splash screen displayed before Screen 1 initialize