How do you create a YouTube video competition app?

Please my friends Good day where ever you are, please I have an idea but I don't know how to put that idea into work.

My idea is, I want to create an app where upcoming musicians can upload their music freestyle and the three highest rated videos will get rewarded after the end of every season of competition.

How I want it to be is, I want it to be like, the app will have two roles. Role(1) will be for musicians and Role(2) will be for audience,

Every season admin will post new music instrumental and the musicians will make a video singing along the instrumental and publish it on YouTube and use the link on the app.

Admin will be the only one to make a new topic, like a forum where admin is the only one allowed to create new topic and others will commenting on the topic with their YouTube videos and the audience will be rating the videos.

Please if any one have an idea on how I will start please contact via pm removed by mod

Welcome. Please no personal info on the community. I removed your phone number. Since this is a community where we learn from each other the discussion about your topic should be here and not via pm.

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