How do you create a TinyDB programmatically?

Hi.i use from com.yusufcihan.DynamicComponents.AIX extension for create object programmatically.
how to create a TinyDB programmatically?

What are you trying to achieve ? Do you want to create tags and save values dynamically ? Call tinydb's tags dynamically ? Please provide more info


The DynamicComponents extension is used to create visible components. You won't create a TinyDb dynamically. Dynamically creating a TinyDb component does not make sense either. In one TinyDb component added, you can create an unlimited number of tags and you can do it programmatically (dynamically).

Or you can create a database using a dictionary that will represent an unlimited number of variables. Then such a dictionary can be saved to TinyDb.


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Use a new NameSpace for each new TinyDB instance.
Each new NameSpace is kept in a new .xml file internally.
Remember the NameSpaces so you can clean them up later, to avoid filling up your phone.

Hi thanks.

Hi i dont understand what you say.please explain more to me.thanks.

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