How do you create a interactive fiction with Twine and App Inventor?

Hello people of the App Inventor Forum.

I am searching info for a new project.
The project is in Twine (an Interactive fiction tool) and i want to export and integrate with App Inventor.
I have search info about it, but i haven't found nothing until now.

Twine use Harlowe a script language for this purpose (make interactive non linear prose).
I have searched in twine wiki and here and i found nothing about any integration.
My project will be like "Choose your own adventure" games, but created in twine and exported to App Inventor.
It's already made -i must add- and now i want to make the integration.

In the case i do not find any info about it... if i found a way to solve it, i promise to make a tutorial for this, because there are no info about how can be done. With all the details of how to do it 1st in Twine and then how to export it to Ai2 project, or how to assemble or join with it.

Anyone have a constructive comment to point me in a good direction?
I am giving my thanks in advance any good comment about this.

Twee is a text file format, so there should be no problem reading and writing them in AI2.

Thank you Abraham Getzler for your comment.
I will search the way to use it.
I will publish the results, when i have them.


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Thank you Abraham Getzler for you comment.

I will dig in the format twee and i will see how i can make the app works.
In the other format (I THINK) i could not have a problem, because the project can be exported as html with css and javascript.
But from the start of the project, i think i have SERIOUS LIMITATIONS, if i do with AI2.

Principally, 10 screens. If i do not use of virtual screens, this could be a very, very small project.
The other is the size of the project, must be less than 50mb.
And i have a lot of photos, the photos are representative of the scenes of the game.
Even this is not a game with sprites, the size of the game will increase every time i add a filtered photo, because this images have a very big size, and i think i must add almost 100mb.
SO, if i make images of 1mb x 100. Gives me 100mbs. Plus the content of the project.

I think the biggest problem i will have will be the PAGES or screens (virtual screen and every branch of the game). It's a branched game, Like an If,then, else game. Not complex in this case, but... it's complex to join the origin (twine) with AI2.

It's my problem and i will see how i can manage that.

Again. Thank you for your comment.
I want to give my thanks to other, for the correction of the post, but i cannot contact him. I hope this lines go to him like a THANKS.

Investigate tinypng web site to shrink the images.

Download The Lurking Horror by Infocom to see how small interactive fiction need be.

Learn to use data structures like dictionaries and JSON format for storage.

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