How do you create a description for new Markers created on the map?

Hello everyone!
I'm designing an app that takes values from a csv file created on Google Sheet. In particular, it takes data of latitude, longitude as well as data of temperature, humidity, pressure.
With latitude and longitude data, create a new Marker on the map every 10 seconds to keep track of the route.
I was looking for a method to ensure that for each new marker created, when you click on it, a description box appears in which the data of temperature, humidity, pressure ect are saved.

I noticed that among the blocks there is only the possibility to create a box for the description but only for the first marker, but for the others that are created on the map this option is not there.

Can you help me find a solution? Thanks in advance

Hello Antonio and welcome to the community.

If you click on the "+" icon of Any component in the component tree in the blocks editor, it gives you access to the Any Marker blocks.




the set Marker.Property blocks can be found in the Any Marker drawer.


Thank you very much!
It works for me!

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