How do you create a delay inside an a if?

I'm making a counter of specific movements with the arm, for this I'm using an if to increase a variable, but I need to make a delay for the exercise count and I don't understand how to activate a timer within an if

You would use a clock component, but it sounds like you may want to make a list and use a for each loop?

Show your relevant blocks with the if statement(s)

This is the if structure, I haven't entered the gyroscope angle values yet, I still need to do tests to know the appropriate values
the block for changing the clock value was where I imagined calling the delay and applying it


In the first four if statements the if condition is exactly the same, and the same applies to the last four if statements (but with a different condition). Not clear what you are attempting to do.....

Did you intend for the timerInterval to be the same for all if statements ?

each if counts a different type of exercise, the aim of delay is to not count the same movement more than once, so yes I thought about the same time for each if, I thought about 1 second

Something like this (for the first four if statements)?

I think so, thanks for the help

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