How do you create a Dating App?

I want to create an app where people have to sign in to participate, fulfill a profile, and be able to see others users profiles and send messages to each other. In other words, a dating app.
Is there any tutorial or example I can follow?

you have already planed your app:

  1. user register.
  2. fill/modify user profile.
  3. search and show other's profile according to some conditions
  4. change messages with others.

so just do it step by step, from user register and login.

Well, I was just trying to be short in my words.
Bur You described almost exactly what I want.
Jus to complete what You wrote:

  1. A Home screen with a login/subscribe button and some users profile (based on some criteria).
  2. A Subscribe screen with a form with personal data and a photo.
  3. A database to store all user profiles.
  4. A Profile screen to show the users profiles and let users edit it.
  5. some kind of a method to let users change massages between each other.

Reading some others posts here at the forum, I learned may be the most important lesson for beginners like me:
"Don't be in a hurry! Learn the basics before try something further complex"

Based on all it, another question:
Is there a tutorial to learn how to create a subscriber system with a form, a database to store those forms, and how to show them back in a profile screen?

Thank You, very much!