How do you connect custom web view to personal image classifier?

I want to use 'personal image classifier' using 'custom web view'. However, 'custom web view' are not recognized by 'personal image classifier designer'. Is there a solution?

Hi @joe3 ,
I would have to modify PIC source to make it compatible with CustomWebView.
Please wait few hours.

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Thanks for your help!!!

Try this one. (4.4 MB)

There is a property named WebView which accepts object returned from GetWebView method of CustomWebView.

I did this, but an error occurred.
Is this how you do it? or I think I did something wrongㅠ

error code is 'net::ERR_ACCESS_DENIED'

Set property blocks after SetWebView method.

I solved the previous problem.
There's another problem. 'Model' are not classified.
Phone camera and 'webview' are done, but not 'customview'ㅠ

I have never used PIC so not sure about the error message.
Pm me aia file.