How do you clean text from commas and other signs in mit app inventor?

I have achieved to have my app displaying buttons, labels and Imagesprites on a certain place on the display....

And I have achieved to display certain text in certain buttons on labels...

Now comes the fine part.

How to display the text without commas and brackets, or other signs...


This is the App on which I m working....

leftedge_copy_1 (3).aia (23.2 KB)

Are you using lists as text ? If so use join items block from list drawer


Yes, if you look in the clock 2 part I set the button named

Yes, if you look in the clock 2 part I set the button named "Sprite_names.text" to "global SpriteNamesnew".

And where I must put your special block?

Simply before or in front the "get "SpriteNamesnew" block ?

In this block?:

Like this?:

Or I must put this in the list creation part , before items that I will store in the "get global SpritesNamesnew" in this case before the "join" Block?

This block?:

Like this?

Ok, now here my solution to my own problem, I tri it, and it comes out the block must be inserted in both parts : 1. making the list and inserting the items, and 2. Accessing the list to display the items.....
This one here:

blocks (29)

Input part (add items to list):

And output part (accessing the list):

Like this:

And here my cuestion to the supporters:

Is there an other possibility, a simpler way to clean the output from a list, to clean it from the comma's, brackets, and other sign, without to manipulate the input/ adding items part?

Because sometimes you need this list untached, for example to copy the list, o to send data from one list to an other, or to make a CSV from it....

Why don't you used the method i showed you earlier. Instead of cleaning the separator mess out of the list you only should print out the elements of the list.

A brute force method that removes tokens

using replace all text Blocks. Not pretty or elegant but removes tokens. The method may or may not be appropriate in you application.

Your example is werry ok for me, Because it explains a simple solution of my problem. Is little bit big for the display, but it works.

But now my question for the developer's of MIT App Inventor:

Why they not Implement a block, that do this: "cleaning the item from all signs" like it does in your example?

But In one block?

And Name it for example: "clear signs"

You must learn about JSON to answer your question.

Thanks for the suggestion but , I will not learn a other language for now, I only ask for an idea for a block that solves the issues in this topic...