How do you change the favicon?

How to change this favion icon

what are you actually tyna to do?


replace favicon.ico with your icon


to convert .png to .ico

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Like this :slight_smile:


umm... I have tried but nothing happen

Firstly, run ant or ant noplay depending on your requirements

Secondly, try to open website in icognito tabs (sometimes icons get cached)

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I have run ant nothing happen

Okay I will try in incognito

The favicon gets served with a very long time to live (365 days), so once it's cached you'll need to clear the browser cache (or wait a year) for the new icon to be reflected.

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Oh so I can change that from appengine-web.xml right?

Bruh, he is telling you to clear your browser cache so that cached favicon gets cleared and your changes get reflected

Hard Reload your tab using Ctrl + Shift + R

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