How do you change Screen by swiping?

Hi, can you tell me how to go from one screen to another by sliding your finger across the screen.

use an extension, like

or this extension is ok:

ok thanks, where can I find it? how does it work? do I just drag it into the app?

search the extension name in this community, and read the document at their thread.

Hi, it must scroll from one screen to another horizontally

Check this

Did you follow the link above, get the aix and try it ?

The one posted by @Kevinkun is a horizontal swiping pager

yes but how do I do it? I've tested the extension in screen4 and I put this block to go from screen 4 to screen 5 but it doesn't do anything
Screenshot 2024-02-10 130320

It is a pager. It does not swipe to screens, it swipes to pages on a screen.

we're getting confused, I have screen 4 and screen5, I want to go from screen 4 to screen 5 horizontally by scrolling from one screen to another, how to do it

swipe Right/Left and Left/Right

If you want to swipe actual screens, then you can do this by adding thin canvases to either side of a containing vertical arrangement on your screens, and set the flung event to change the screen to the next or previous.

can you kindly tell me how

I found this

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