How do you change heading?

how to change heading

Check file.

thanks sir

hey @vknow360 i still dont find where to change Welcome to App Inventor

I never said you can change it from LoginServlet.
Just check it and you will find your way.

sorry but i still dont find :pensive: :pensive:

This web page is built-in login.jsp file present in appinventor/appengine/war folder.

i saw no option of changing the welcome to app inventor thing

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i am sorry if you can find it then tell me in which line do you see it @Android_Builder

@DefaultMessage("Welcome to App Inventor!")
String createWelcomeDialogText();


Actually, that changes the header of the dialog that appears in App Inventor when one doesn't have any projects.

The answer to the original post is somewhat complicated as understanding it requires realizing that there's an interplay of three different files, login.jsp,, and most importantly, which has the strings needed to translate the login page. You'll need to edit that file if you want to change the strings on the login page.

Oh i forget this file :sweat_smile:

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