How do you change background color on all screens with app inventor?

I made an application and added the settings section. In the settings section, I want to change the background image on all screens, but I could not find a resource that can do this. Can you help?

what you want? background color or image background color. Be specific

Regardless (color or image), you need to set a tinydb tag with the setting you require (colour or image path), then have a tinydb instance on every screen, using the same namespace, and then blocks in your screen initialise event for each screen that call the tinydb tag, and set the color/image accordingly.

I mean image background

Is there a video or resource that explains this?

I want to put an option to change the picture in the settings, but how can I change the background photo on all screens? is there a video that explains this? Can you help?

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See here

Are you talking about the screens of your app or of the device?


how do i do this

Am I going to do all this on the same screen, but will it work?

Thank you so much now I understood and I was able to successfully implement it in my project.

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