How do you catch "nothing"?


howdo I test for this situation? There is nothing going into the function and it doesnt like that. But how can I, for example by using if {}, test if the global variable is nothing?
Use logic for test for equal to null? or -1? or text "null"?
Ive tried several options, but still the error pops up

There are several "is ..." blocks you can choose from.

Start in the Blocks Editor by typing on your PC keyboard
is ...
and look through the popup for the available choices.

is empty list
is empty dictionary
is is a number
is text
is blank ...

Judging by the tool tip on the block you mentioned

that block returns a list, and you would check if it's an empty list.

of course. THX!

You can't catch "nothing"
It is an error in your blocks or the extension you are using
Make sure to fix all red errors in your blocks