How do you call clock for manipulate velocity in other block?

hi, i want to accelerate or get more slow a process calling a clock but not using the temporizer. is using in other block a call the clock. and control using button up and down for more faster o more slow. is possible this?


Is this an imageSprite moving on a canvas ?

i see that the clock inside have a block to call the speed of reproduction in miliseconds. how control using the blocks of clock?



and with these blocks:



thanks i see time interval to control speed. so i can call the block time interval to up speed no?.

Yes, but you would need to stop and start the clock to change the interval.

reset the clock and change the interval values no?. for get more faster or slower

My phone does not have a temporizer.

Where can I get one?

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about the block clock say timer inside the block i confuse the word temporized from timer.