How do you calculate reaction time?

Hello everyone,
I am trying to calculate reaction time to understand the time taken to answer each question to calculate mean Reaction times.(reaction time is the difference between the onset of the question and time taken to answer that question) How can this be done? I am new to this, any help would be highly appreciated.

You can use the Clock compoment to remember the time stamp of any time, and just get the difference of two timestamp.

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Thankyou for your response, actually I am making a game where random texts are appearing with random colors and the person actually has to select the answer which can be either red, yellow, blue or green colored buttons. If the button color matches with the color of the random text and not the text itself, he gets a SCORE. For each answer he gives, I need the reaction time from the onset of that random colored random text till the person presses the answer button. This has to be done for each and every random text separately and in the end , mean of all reaction times has to be displayed. Any help is this regard would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance:)

When he press start , set clock to timer as shown in the previous post..

when any button is clicked
If the clicked component button colour or text = answer
set teh clock to timer to false. then show the time