How do you automatically make a list of all checkboxes in a screen?

Hello, i am currently trying to make a tool for learning the basic Japanese alphabet and i have a screen that allows users to select which characters they want to practice on. its a screen that has around 150 check boxes.

I wanted to store the settings that a user chose into a database in the form of tags, my problem is when i am trying to load the tags, it does not work because i am expected to provide a Checkbox component.

for example if i have the tag HPU in the database, i want the checkbox that has been named HPU to be checked, is there a way for me to do that and not have to manually create a huge list with 150+ entries,
and have a way to make a correlation between a string and a Checkbox component?

For 150+ check boxes, try to create or add with the help of dynamic component extension..

And by using when any text boxes clicked component you can save the value of each checkbox into a list and save it in anywhere. Next time while loading just call values from this dB. Simple work

ListViewers can be used instead of multiple check boxes.

Sample apps: